Board of Directors

County facts

Laporte, Hubbard County, MN

Located in the northeastern section of Hubbard County on Garfield Lake, Laporte was established in 1908. State Highway 200 runs through the heart of the city.

ChairmanMichael Monsrud, Itasca Mantrap Cooperative Service
Vice ChairmanJeff Bjorkman
Past ChairmanKathy Grell, LarMac LLC
Secretary- TreasurerPaul Utke
Executive DirectorDavid W. Collins
City of Park Rapids Appointees Pat Mikesh, City of Park Rapids

Paul Utke
Hubbard County AppointeesMatt Dotta

Ed Smith
Industries for Park Rapids AppointeesJeff Bjorkman
At-Large MembersMarty Peterson, State Bank of Park Rapids

Michael Monsrud
Ex-OfficioNicole Lalum

John McKinney, Park Rapids City Administrator

Deb Thompson, Hubbard Co. Coordinator

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