HCREDC- Hubbard County, MN - HCREDC Plan of Action

Mission Statement and Plan of Action

County facts

Nevis, Hubbard County, MN

Nevis is a wonderful place to visit, raise a family, vacation, or retire! We are located on the Lake Country Scenic Byway. The Heartland State Trail runs through town and right in our “back yard” we have the Paul Bunyan State Forest and Itasca State Park

Hubbard County Regional Economic Development Commission
2012-2014 Plan of Action Download, 235 kb .pdf

2012-2014 Plan of Action

(Approved by the HCREDC Board of Directors Monday, August 29, 2011)

Vision Statement

To be the center of innovation, economic growth and support a culture of entrepreneurship in the region by enhancing and leveraging Hubbard County’s unique assets. Provide valued programs and resources for the success of business sector, unifying and championing efforts for training and education, and broadband access, and to build collaborative initiatives supporting community development projects, leadership and involvement while maintaining our small community charm.

Mission Statement

The Hubbard County Regional Economic Development Commission coordinates and facilitates the development of a strong and competitive economy in the county. As a public – private partnership, the HCREDC focuses on addressing needs and opportunities of existing businesses, provide assistance to new and expanding businesses, while embracing the exceptional quality of life the area offers.

Identify & address Workforce Development opportunities

(Existing employer retention / expansion)

  • Grow the presence and programs offered by Minnesota State Community & Technical College.
    • M State satellite
    • Business & Entrepreneurial Services Program
    • Customized Training
  • Organize a “workforce summit” to review and address Hubbard County workforce opportunities.
  • Encourage communication with K-12 schools to indentify and pursue opportunities as appropriate.
  • Explore feasibility and potential impact of career opportunity / industry awareness videos.

Partner with the Hubbard County Housing and Redevelopment Authority and other entities as appropriate to address local housing needs and commercial rehab related to business and workforce development.

(Existing employer / expansion)

  • Plan and implement a workforce housing initiative (pilot- Lamb Weston RDO) designed to address needs of local employers and their employees.
  • Encourage development of multi-family, townhouses and twin homes in Park Rapids targeted areas.
  • Collaborate with the Housing Institute and local members to develop and implement a local project.
  • Explore, and implement if feasible, an incentive program to encourage families and individuals to build new homes or substantially rehabilitate existing structures.
  • Continue to support efforts to deliver the Small Cities Development Program rental housing and commercial rehab programs.
  • Continue to organize and host the Hubbard County Housing Partnership and address organizational capacity / structure, cooperative relationships and potential collaboration and opportunities as well as implementation of the Hubbard County Housing Plan.

Job & Business Growth / Retention

  • Network with Positively Minnesota / Community Venture Network / Highway 2 West Manufacturer Assn / Minnesota Association of Professional County Economic Developers (MAPCED) / Economic Developers Association of Minnesota (EDAM) and other entities as appropriate.
  • Take a lead role in identifying and addressing existing employer concerns. Additionally, collaborate with existing industry to identify and pursue potential new businesses.
  • Consider developing a “summer resident” database for communication and promotion.
  • Consider developing an “alumni” database for communication and promotion.

Further develop a local “culture” of Entrepreneurial Development

  • Continue to grow and enhance partnership with M State’s Business and Entrepreneurial Services Program.
  • Develop and implement entrepreneurial development youth programs for K-12 students.
  • Continue to partner with the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Headwaters Regional Development Commission, Small Business Development Center and others to provide and deliver services locally.
  • Explore opportunities with the SBDC to insure that Hubbard County has optimum service.
  • Explore the desirability and feasibility of a “lone eagle center” and / or business incubator.
  • Research, develop and approve a tool box of programs and incentives.
  • Seek opportunities to maximize and leverage the resources of Industries for Park Rapids, Pine to Prairie fund, City of Park Rapids Revolving Loan Fund and other resources.
  • Co-sponsor training opportunities targeted for small businesses.

Initiate efforts to improve the area’s technology infrastructure and increase the availability of high speed broadband access for the area.

  • Every residence, cabin and business wired
  • Identify needs / obstacles and plan business tech development (power, facility, redundancy)

Enhance Quality of Life / Place

  • Assist in the full utilization of Armory (Art Center).
  • Implement the RBEG grant.
  • Complete implementation of the Laporte Downtown Project.
  • Provide support for Park Rapids downtown redevelopment efforts
    • Implementation of the Park Rapids RDG Downtown Plan
    • Commercial development in addressing gaps and reactive assistance as to retail inquiries.
    • Support efforts to increase the activity level in the downtown area.
  • Provide support for growth and impact of the Park Rapids Area Community Foundation.
  • Assist in the establishment of the Green Park Rapids initiative as it relates to improving efficiency and saving dollars for local businesses and residents.
  • Support the development of multi-use trails which support economic development and activity.

Facilitation and Coordination of Economic Development Activities

  • Work to educate and inform the members of the Hubbard County Board and Park Rapids City Council, as well as local industry leaders, of the purposes and activities of the HCREDC to maintain and increase the participation in the funding of the organization.
  • Analyze and address HCREDC space needs.
  • Further develop website / database capabilities.
  • Establish a coalition and legislative agenda for the Hubbard County area to promote projects and address issues as needed with our state and federal officials.
    • Consider a Washington DC advocacy effort to promote identified projects and establish a working relationship with appropriate entities and individuals.
    • Organize a St. Paul advocacy effort to promote identified projects and establish a working relationship with appropriate entities and individuals.
    • Work with elected representatives to address issues and projects of local interest.
  • Central point of contact / resource center for new businesses and existing businesses.
  • Meet at least annually with organizations that provide HCREDC funding.
  • Media coverage of information regarding HCREDC activities.
  • Seek opportunities to speak before civic organizations, township meetings, etc.
  • Organize “stakeholder” luncheons as timely.
  • Develop and maintain a database of Hubbard County businesses organizations and media.

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