HCREDC- Hubbard County, MN - Park Rapids, MN Downtown Improvement Plan

Park Rapids Downtown Revitalization Project

County facts

Nevis, Hubbard County, MN

Nevis is a wonderful place to visit, raise a family, vacation, or retire! We are located on the Lake Country Scenic Byway. The Heartland State Trail runs through town and right in our “back yard” we have the Paul Bunyan State Forest and Itasca State Park

Park Rapids is regionally known as a quality community with a unique downtown and gateway to Itasca State Park and Mississippi river, and has historically been a significant small regional market at the crossroads of Highway 34 and 71.

The Downtown Task Force, made up of Park Rapids business owners, in conjunction with the City of Park Rapids and Hubbard County Regional Economic Development Commission have put to together a plan to make Downtown Park Rapids a destination for shopping, fine dining and cultural pursuits.

Follow the link to view the proposal: Park Rapids Downtown Renovation Plan (.pdf, 28 MB)

Main Street Beautification Illustration Plan
Main Street Beautification Illustrated Plan
Main Street Lake Block Installation
Installation of the decorative lake block on
Main Street

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